The best tips for TV in the living room

Choosing the corner and the furniture where to place the television is not an easy task. We take into account thousands of details when choosing the decoration of the home, the living room is one of the main rooms and where we strive to make it a beautiful, well cared for, comfortable and functional room, we go all in one! But when we have to place the television, if we have not studied the distribution of all the elements well and if we overlook the predominant style of our home, we run the risk of ruining the decoration of our living room.

What factors should be taken into account to integrate our television in the living room?

One of the main factors is light sources such as windows, which create reflections on the screen during the day. For this reason it is advisable not to place it facing a window or on the wall itself as it will fill with uncomfortable reflections. If this is not possible, get some good curtains or blinds so you can throw them out when you go to watch TV and avoid these uncomfortable effects.

Another important factor is the right distance from the TV set. To take care of the greeting of the eyes I advise you to keep a minimum distance of 1.5 to 2 meters.

The height of the idea is the one that the centre of the screen is at the level of the eyes sitting on the sofa – to have a general idea of a person with a standard height between 85cm and 1 meter –

Again, to keep looking after your eyes, don’t forget to add a soft light in the TV room. The screen should not be the only light in the room.

What about the inches on the TV? The size matters, and not always bigger is better. The dimensions of the screen must be adapted to the distance between the image and the place from which it is observed.

And depending on this, the furniture we choose will also depend on which one we choose to place it on or even decide to hang it on the wall itself.

In front of the sofa, next to the window or the fireplace, in a sideboard, on a cantilevered piece of furniture…. As I say to you, it is not an easy job to integrate television into the living room, in fact, it is somewhat contradictory, because it is one of the main elements of any living room, but it seems that until the end we are not aware of it and if we are not careful, all the distribution and decoration work may go to waste because we have not appreciated the situation of something so useful and which offers us so much entertainment as with the television.

Luckily, televisions are becoming less and less bulky and increasingly have more and more aesthetic designs, something that makes it much easier for us to integrate them wherever we want, but even so, we will have to study the square metres of our living room well, the decorative style, the people we live in and who, therefore, watch television every day…. With these defined points we will then be able to choose the right corner and the furniture in which we will place it.

Solutions to place the television


The large rooms sometimes have bookcases that occupy a complete wall, in these cases we can use a hole in the bookcase to integrate our television and that it is more integrated into the whole decoration. Also, it’s a good idea to have all the cables and plugs hidden away.

Hanging on the wall
It is a very aesthetic option and typical of the most modern homes. An ideal way to avoid taking up space. The key is to choose a central point in the living room, so that the television will look like a picture, especially if we create a’collage’ along with other paintings and photographs, and it will be easy to view from all angles in the living room. And let’s not forget to make sure that our wall and the anchorage we use support the weight of the wall…
On a piece of furniture or sideboard

A very conventional way, here the secret is to choose a beautiful piece of furniture, according to the style of our living room, of Nordic or industrial inspiration, with rustic touches…. There are furniture with wheels that will make it easier for us to take it from one place to another, if our living room is small, this is a good solution so that when we want to see it we have it in front of the sofa, but when we don’t, we can place it in a corner where it doesn’t get in the way.

Cantilever furniture, on which to place the television and some other decorative accessory, so that we create a more pleasant and familiar atmosphere and the television space does not become a totally out of place corner.